Massage Services

Therapeutic Massage Works focuses entirely on massage services, which assures that clients get the best therapeutic massage experience. By not offering other products or services, the office atmosphere is free of tension and prices are affordable. At Therapeutic Massage Works, clients receive their full appointment time and are not rushed out the door. We pride ourselves in providing unparalleled massage therapy in a serene setting, free of noise and distractions.

We do not diagnose illness or prescribe treatment. Though massage therapy is a healing art, it is not a substitute for medical treatment by a qualified physician. Customers should first consult a physician if requiring specific intervention for medical concerns. Our treatment is strictly therapeutic and non-sexual.

Massage is a vital resource in the healing process. By providing advanced massage therapy techniques we are able to facilitate and promote relaxation and elimination of stress. Relieving trigger points and over used muscles helps clients to be more healthy and active. The goal of Therapeutic Massage Works is to decrease pain and tension in muscles, and bring the body into balance, resulting in a healthier you.